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K-9 Country LodgeAla Carte Menu
K-9 Country Lodge
Vince playing outsideBecause we realize the role that both physical and mental activity play in the health and well being of our pets, all guests at the Lodge receive exercise, fresh air, and attention. We also realize each pet’s needs are different, so we have created a special ala carte menu that allows you to choose extra activities that fit the individual lifestyle of your pet. For a small fee, you can choose as many items as you wish for your pet’s vacation. We have a fun-loving, eager staff that can accommodate all your pet’s extra-curricular activities.

Choose activities that fit the lifestyle of your pet.

Full Body Massage
Chester enjoying his massage
Your pet will be pampered while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing massage. This is truly a Lodge favorite! 20 minutes

Play Time Play Time Play Time
Mika playing fetch
This session is a one-on-one session with your pet’s personal caregiver in which you choose a favorite activity, and we will do the rest! Frequently requested activities include frisbee, fetch, ball, or "chase me so I run." 20 minutes

On-leash Nature Trail Walk
Boomer on an On-Leash Nature Trail Walk Our setting is ideal for either the rustic wooded walk or the less challenging walk which meanders up and down our private roads. 20 minutes $6.50

Tucker enjoying whirlpool therapy
Located in Rerod’s Lounge, water therapy is a great choice for the arthritic, geriatric, or water-lover pet. After an eventful day at the Lodge, your special pet will relax in a soothing, bubbly jacuzzi while their personal caregiver gently and lovingly massages them from head to tail. 20 minutes

Off-Leash Free Run
Spirit free-running in beautiful park
This is our best seller! Zoe’s Aerobic Exercise Park is a sniffer’s paradise and a runner’s dream come true. Two-and-a-half securely fenced acres allow your pet to let off steam and explore the wooded setting while being fully monitored by Lodge caregivers. 20 minutes

Pick Up & Drop Off Service

These services are available upon request. Price is based on location.

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