Meet and Greet at K9 Country Lodge

Camp K-9 Doggy Day Care

Day Care at the K-9 Country Lodge – $18.75/day

8AM to 5PM, Pick-Up & Drop-Off Same Day

When you need to get away for appointments, errands, or just a fun day away, why not enroll your special friend in Camp K-9?

Here are the benefits:

  • Your dog will not be lonely at home alone.
  • Your dog will be supervised.
  • You can schedule your grooming at Groomin’ in the Pines or veterinary appointments at Country Pet Clinic while your dog is at Camp K-9.
  • We will take them to all their appointments!
  • And the best part about Camp K-9: Your dog will be exercised and happy when you get home from your busy day.

Pre-registration is required.

Due to busy holidays and summer weekends we may not be able to accept Day Camp reservations.

Doggy Daycare at K9 Country Lodge