Arial view of the K-9 Country Lodge

Why Choose K-9 Country Lodge

The Lodge at a Glance

Our Lodge was constructed with Health & Safety in mind…

  • Security alarm system throughout, including fire, which is monitored 24 hours per day by a central monitoring station.
  • A specially designed Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System which provides 10 air exchanges per hour – optimum air circulation is essential for maintaining good health.
  • Acres of securely fenced-in outdoor play areas. Our fences are heavy gauge and sturdy. They are a full 8 feet in height with 1 foot buried underground (for our digger friends) and 1 foot on top which is angled inward (for our climber friends).
  • Affiliated with Country Pet Clinic which is adjacent to our Lodge.
Why Choose the K9 Country Lodge

Comfortable Suites

Comfort was also a big concern when designing the Lodge…

  • All suites are heated, air conditioned, and fully tiled.
  • Suites are provided with comfortable cots and plush blankets.
  • Natural light is provided by in-suite windows and skylights.
  • The sounds of home are provided around the clock.
  • Music is played throughout the building 24/7.
  • Indoor lounge with an overstocked toy box and sofas for our guests.
  • Individual personal attention from our trained and caring staff.
  • Special holiday meals (turkey dinner!) which provides that special “at home” aroma.
  • Our Lodge is beautifully decorated. All pet and public areas are wallpapered, curtains adorn the windows, and photos and art on the walls give our guests that added homey feel.

The Lodge at a Glance

  • We administer owner or veterinarian-provided medication at no charge.
  • You may bring food for your pet. This is recommended as it is better fortheir digestive system. However, we do provide Fromm’s, a high quality dog food.
  • Our suites are spacious enough for you to bring any and all pet luggage that will make your pet feel more at home.
  • Your pet will get human interaction which is so important while you are away.
  • We strictly follow our vaccination policy for the health of all of our guests.
  • We have a kitchen, refrigerator and microwave here at the lodge.
  • We are thrilled to give tours of our facility. Because guests come first, please call for available times. 1-715-284-3647
A happy dog guest at the K-9 Country Lodge