About the K-9 Country Lodge

A Day at the Lodge

Checking In

The vacation starts in our beautiful lobby where you and your pet are greeted by our staff.

After check-in, our guests are met by our experienced, pet-loving staff and escorted to their private suite where a special treat, comfy cot and fresh water await. After they have settled in, they are shown around the Lodge and taken to the outside play areas where the fun begins.

Welcoming lobby at the K-9 Country Lodge

A Typical Day

Our goal is to spend as much time with your pet as possible.

  • A typical day at the Lodge includes important human interaction.
  • All guests are taken out by their caregiver to their private bathroom areas 2 to 3 times in the morning, 2 to 3 times in the afternoon and once before bedtime.
  • All pets have the opportunity to enjoy the toy box in Rerod’s Lounge.
  • After their daily activities they return to their private suite to listen to music, take a nap or enjoy a delicious meal.

Rerod’s Lounge

This is a favorite spot among our guests.

Here in Rerod’s Lounge, pets are free to play with all the fun toys, nap on the couches and interact with their new human buddies. This space provides an opportunity for one-on-one love and attention from our caring staff.

Come visit the Lodge which is a truly unique pet vacationland.

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Outdoor Parks

Our guests can’t wait for their turn to go to the park.

Here at the Lodge, we have over 20 individual enclosed areas our guests can enjoy exploring at their leisure multiple times a day. We also have three extra large open grassy and shaded wooded parks where they can run and play with our staff.