Suite Options

Penthouse Suites

Penthouse Suite $48.90/night

All the amenities of a 5-Star Lodge with up to 100 square feet of romping room, these suites boast two windows, comfortable large cots and cozy blankets and an in-suite TV. Pets love this room with a view!
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Luxury Suites

Luxury Suite $43.25/night

The 55 square foot luxury suite is an excellent choice for an extended stay. This space features restful, relaxing cots and snuggly blankets, and optional heated floor. Guests don't want to leave this vacation home!
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Deluxe Suites

Deluxe Suite $36.50/night

Imagine your pet enjoying an afternoon nap under skylights on a comfortable cot with cozy blankets while watching TV or listening to soothing music and waiting for the next Lodge activity to begin. At 30 to 25 square feet, these suites are perfect for relaxing
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Superior Suites

Superior Suite $30.25/night

Comfortable cots and plush blankets,TVs and music await those guests who wish to relax after a fun-filled day at the Lodge. These cozy suites offer plenty of space for the small to mid-sized pet.
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Cat-Tail Suites

Cat-Tail Suite $18.50/night

A comfortable, spacious room for your favorite feline awaits. This area is brightly decorated with lots of natural light and kitty toys. The favorite attraction here is the large window perch where all guests watch and wait for those birds to land in the feeder before taking a cat-nap!
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Discounted rates: 20% off a second guest if they share a suite! $2 less per guest after that.

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