Our Philosophy & Story

Our Philosophy

The K-9 Country Lodge Experience Our philosophy is basic – pets are family members and must be treated that way. At the Lodge, all pets are treated as we treat our own– with love, affection, respect, and understanding. When you let your pet vacation with us, you have peace-of-mind knowing your pet is treated like our family. We pride ourselves in being your pet’s stay-at-home Moms!

Pets are family members and must be treated that way.

Our Story

Marlee Slifka "After years of vacationing, I always felt my yellow lab, Rerod, also deserved a fun-filled vacation. I always hated to leave her, felt guilty and thought there must be a better solution. With Rerod as my inspiration and months of brainstorming with my fellow animal lover and childhood friend, the ideal pet vacationland was created... fondly referred to now as "The Lodge." Now, one of the highlights of my day is seeing our guests pulling their people to the door for check-in where fun and games are on an equal par with safety and health."
Marlee Slifka

Louie Aschenbrenner "When Marlee approached me with the idea of a luxury pet boarding facility, I knew that was my calling. Being raised on a farm, I have always felt fortunate to have had so many animals to love and care for. The philosophy we shared for wanting to provide the ultimate pet vacation was exciting. A day at K-9 Country Lodge means lots of exercise, hugs, belly rubs, and 'doggie' conversation from our pet-loving staff."
Louie Aschenbrenner