At a Glance

The Lodge at a Glance

K-9 Country Lodge

Our Lodge was constructed with Health & Safety in mind…

  • Security alarm system throughout, including fire, which is monitored 24 hours per day by a central monitoring station.
  • A specially designed Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System which provides 10 air exchanges per hour - optimum air circulation is essential for maintaining good health.
  • Acres of securely fenced-in outdoor play areas. Our fences are heavy gauge and sturdy. They are a full 8 feet in height with 1 foot buried underground (for our digger friends) and 1 foot on top which is angled inward (for our climber friends).
  • Affiliated with Country Pet Clinic which is adjacent to our Lodge.
Comfort was also a big concern when designing the Lodge…
  • All suites are heated, air-conditioned, and fully tiled.
  • Suites are furnished with BEDS! (twin beds, toddler beds, overstuffed pillow beds, and custom designed small doggy beds)
  • Natural light is provided by in-suite windows and skylights.
  • TV’s throughout the Lodge (some suites have private TV’s) and music is also piped in. The sounds of home are provided 24 hours per day.
  • Indoor lounge with colored TV, over-stocked toy box and sofas for our guests.
  • A large screened-in porch for pets to enjoy with a staff member.
  • Individual personal attention from our trained, caring staff.
  • Special holiday meals (turkey dinner!) which provide that special "at home" aroma.
  • Our Lodge is beautifully decorated. All pet and public areas are wallpapered, curtains adorn the windows, and photos and art on the walls give our guests that added home-like feel.


  • We administer owner or veterinarian-provided medication at no charge.
  • You may bring food for your pet. This is recommended as it is better for their digestive system. However, we do provide Fromm’s, a high quality dog food.
  • Our suites are spacious enough for you to bring any and all pet luggage that will make your pet feel more at home.
  • Your pet will get human interaction which is so important while you are away.
  • We strictly follow our vaccination policy for the health of all of our guests.
  • We have a full kitchen at the Lodge and can heat or cook special meals.
  • We are thrilled to give tours of our facility. Because our guests come first, please call for available times.